Ran engineering services

Mas Telecom provides radio frequency (RF) design, optimization and testing services in all aspects of the modern wireless telecommunications network. We bring our experiences in the technologies of GSM, CDMA, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, and VoLTE as well as the equipment solutions; macro, DAS, and small cell to help resolve your needs. We work with you to design a solution that helps reduce your operating expenses and leverage your equipment to provide the best ROI for you our customer. Our goal is always to partner with you to understand your objectives and design a solution that best meets your needs.

Integration and Commisioning:

We have everything that you need. We develop custom made websites and applications to fulfill your specific requirements

Meeting Client Needs: We all know how pixels and codes are an important building block for a progressive and contemporary product. Our work base is highly professional in technical aspects of the field and we provide gratifying experience for all our clients with high quality coding skills.
We maintain friendly relationships with our clients with a very professional environment and always make sure that our clients are happy from us. We always make sure that we develop products according to the needs of the employees. We ensure accessibility in all matters of business and will be responsive to all your needs.
When we are providing service related to web and app development, it is important to make sure that it provides good user experience and with our product we always try to deliver that.

Dedication in work: Our team work tirelessly every day to always give our customer’s demand the first priority. We always listen to them and give our best to fulfil the exact things what they have asked for.

We always try to be consistent with our service by providing great programming and we are proud of our own products too. We trust our problem solving instincts and always offer what’s best in the market which includes working with various web development applications like Python, AWS, google app engine etc. In the end, meeting the business goals of our clients and ensuring success in their venture is our main objective, so that we can be helpful to our customers.


Equipment Installation –
BTS equipment is installed and related cable/feeder connections are done according to the Radio Site Engineering report

Equipment Commissioning –
Once installation is completed, equipment is powered and tested in a standalone environment including cable connections according to the customer MOP. The lasted software and settings are loaded into the equipment configuration.

Equipment Integration –
Commissioned equipment network elements are connected to and integrated to become a functional part of the customer’s network

Decommissioning –
When network equipment life-cycles are complete, Mas Telecom can decommission all or part of the network system. Our decommissioning program can be coordinated prior to, during or after planned upgrades or replacement.  The Mas Telecom handles necessary lease negotiations and closures, construction management, A&E services, warehousing, and cleanup.

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